The workings of Historic’s DNA began in 2013 as a creative project. Jeremy Wagner and Mark Miller, while working together at a church, saw a greater need for churches to learn how to tell their story creatively, visually, and concisely. In an effort to help these churches make a greater impact for the Kingdom, Jeremy and Mark began taking on clients outside of their normal 9 to 5’s. A couple of years later, Jeremy and Mark met brand-strategist and leadership coach, Ted Vaughn. Ted’s church and non-profit clients were looking for a trusted partner for all of their creative needs and communications support. Thus the partnership known as Historic Agency was born.


People Matter
Your people matter as much as our people do. The collaborative nature of our partnerships fosters an environment of communication, accountability, ideas, and energy that benefits everyone involved.

We do the Right Thing
We strive to be open and honest, challenge and listen, and develop relationships based in integrity. We will consistently work towards strengthening our partnership with you and delivering great work.

We’re Original
We push the envelope with authentic creativity, and your input is vital to that process. Our goal is always to find the perfect balance of collaboration and innovation.

We #Hustle
We have high standards of excellence because we love our jobs. We work hard to achieve that excellence, and consistently go the extra mile to help further your mission.

It’s Not Just a Job
With over 50 years ministry experience across our team, we care deeply about the work we do, which means we care about the work YOU do. We are mission-minded, and want our work to help make the world a better place.

Fun? You Bet.
When you care about your work, you tend to get more enjoyment out of it. We leave our team meetings feeling energized, excited, and exhausted from the laughs. We also try not to keep all that fun to ourselves — Whenever possible, we love to share the wealth and be included in our partners’ humor, too.


“An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.” 

Bill Bernbach

Historic brings experience, strategy, and effective management to every client engagement. Our skilled team of specialists has over 5 decades of experience serving churches and the non-profit sector as well as the marketplace and large corporations. From brand identity to creative services to on-going marketing and communications support, Historic has the collective expertise to be your one-stop agency of choice.

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